5 Trendy Black Owned Clothing Brands to Support

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Does your wardrobe need some new pieces for Spring? Then you've come to the right place! We've put together 5 Black-Owned clothing brands that are cute, affordable, and trendy - perfect for the upcoming season. Whether you're looking for a nice work-from-home lounge set, or an outfit that makes you feel like you're going out, we've got you covered.  

1. The Gemni Shop

The Gemini Shop Clothing Brand

Instagram: @thegemnishop 

Not only do we love the name, we're obsessed with the Gemni shop's outfits. Save this shop for when clubs open back up again! But you don't have to wait to go out to order from here, the cute cut-out tops and sweet dresses are perfect for an Instagram photoshoot or socially distanced brunch date. The best part, items range from around $20-$50. 

2. Labeled By Ro

Labeled By Ro Instagram

Instagram: @LabeledbyRo

 If you're looking for the perfect pair of sweats, look no further. Labeled by Ro's "Essentials" collection features sweat sets, cozy slippers and more. It's the perfect work from home outfit. On top of that, Ro offers unique and stylish dresses, handbags, blouses, and so much more. Everything from this shop is very affordable as well.

3. Telfar

Telfar Instagram

Instagram: @telfarglobal
 You may have seen Telfar all over social media lately. They are best known for their handbags because of their affordability and accessibility. But Telfar also offers cool T-shirts and sweater vests, jewelry, shoes, and even durags. Their pastel colored bags (pink, yellow, blue) are perfect for Spring/Summer. 

4. Love, Hayley

Shop Love Hayley Instagram

Instagram: @shoplovehayley

 Cute, girly, and comfy is the style of Love, Hayley. With new drops often, there is always something new to obsess over. I love her animal print handbags, tied-up tops, and loungewear, But there is so much more offered on her site. If you want cute tops to look good in your zoom classes or meetings, this is the shop for you.

5. Kids of Immigrants

Kids of Immigrants Instagram

Instagram: @KidsofImmigrants
Kids of Immigrants, or KOI for short, is the cool older sibling of the group. They have a distinct laid-back style, characterized by hand-stitched and bold lettering, and are often helping out local communities. Founded by 2 first generation Americans, KOI's message is, "WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS".
"Kids of Immigrants is a movement to recognize that we are all cut from different fabrics but together make a whole." Their latest collection was a collaboration with the Nickelodeon show, Hey Arnold!


If you have a favorite Black-owned clothing brand, let us know in the comments, We'd love to shout them out!

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